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If you are behind on your health insurance payments, then you could lose your health insurance within 30 days. It is not uncommon for people to lose their health insurance. In fact, it is estimated that 13 percent of people who sign up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act lost their coverage due to non-payment.

You will have to take action if you know that you are falling behind on payments. There are several things you can do if you have missed payments.

What to do if you are Falling Behind

Marketplace customers able to get a 90-day grace period. If you received an Obamacare subsidy, then you were automatically given this 90-day grace period. Your insurance company will have to pay your claims if you do not make a payment within 30 days. Your claims will be held from days 31 to 90. Try your best to make up your payments before the 90-day grace period is up.

Private insurers may also offer a grace period. Even if the Affordable Care Act grace period does not cover your plan, you may still have time to catch up on your payments. The grace period is typically 30 days, but it can vary from company to company. It is best to talk to the insurance company directly so that you can this problem resolved.

If Your Coverage is Canceled

If your coverage is canceled, then you may have to look for other options. You may be eligible for a number of cost-reduction options. You can use one of the following options:


Medicaid is available in every state. However, the eligibility requirements can vary. Check with the Medicaid office in your state.


CHIP stands for children’s health insurance plans. These insurance plans cover children. However, there are income requirements that have to be met.

Cheaper Care Options

If you cannot find insurance, then you may want to use a community health center. You can also go to an urgent care center, which is great for handling minor illnesses and injuries.

Lower Prescription Options

You can save money by getting generic prescriptions. If you cannot get a generic prescription, then you can apply to get payment assistance from non-profit organizations and drug manufacturers.

Compare Prices

It is a good idea to compare the cost of any medical service that you get.

Negotiate Your Medical Bills

If you cannot pay your medical bills, then you should negotiate with your healthcare provider. They are often able to work with people who have trouble paying their bills.